WSK Elektronik: Test equipment manufacturer for more than 30 years

Customized test systems and individual test equipment

Are you looking for a competent, experienced manufacturer of test equipment for industrial production or for research and development?
WSK Elektronik offers you comprehensive expertise and experience from over 30 years in test system construction. You can also benefit from our expertise in robot-based test systems. We will be happy to draw up the specifications together with you. We are in close contact with you during all further processes to ensure that you receive exactly the testing system you need.
Our professional quality management is certified according to DIN ISO 9001.

Good reasons for test equipment manufacturer WSK Elektronik

30 years of experience 
as an innovative
testing equipment manufacturer

Design and build
from one source
and made in Germany

DIN ISO 9001 Certification
for professional 

Team WSK

Innovative development team from Wertheim

Test equipment manufacturer WSK Elektronik is located in Wertheim, Lower Franconia. We offer you an innovative, highly motivated and expert team with many years of market knowledge in a wide range of industries. The majority of our team has been working together hand in hand for over 20 years, which guarantees you the highest level of precision.

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References for customized complete systems for measurement technology, test engineering and research

Other individual complete systems are available on request.

Prüfstand Hersteller

Test stand manufacturer

You can trust our expertise. We have been working successfully for diverse industries for over 30 years. Our team develops and builds test benches for you that raise your production or research and development to a new level.

Your contact persons

Personal exchange in every phase of test rig construction is elementary for an optimal result.
We listen to you and develop the perfect solution together with you.

Contact us

Just call: +49 9342 9339 0 
Or write us: (office[at]wsk-elektronik[dot]de)

We will take care of your request and connect you with the right contact person.

With us, you work with experienced, well-coordinated teams. When you buy a testing system from us, you get future-proof, sustainable and user-friendly technology at the highest level. We understand your industry and build exactly the right testing system for your individual needs. As a manufacturer of testing systems, we offer you an all-round complete service.

When you hire us as the manufacturer of your testing equipment, we have the same goals as you. What is important to you is also at the top of our priority list. Productive cooperation is one of the factors that determine the success of your project. That's why our team is strong communicators on both sides. We understand what you want and explain in easy-to-understand terms how we can meet your needs.

Advantages of our testing systems:

  • future-proof and sustainable
  • robust and low-maintenance
  • reliable and precise
  • user-friendly and intuitive
  • flexible and compliant
  • efficient data acquisition
  • with personal training

You want to buy a testing system? Then we start with the specifications. The specifications list exactly what the testing system must be able to do, how it must be equipped, where it will be used, what capacities it must be able to handle, and much more.

If you already have a finished specification sheet, simply submit it. We will calculate the costs for your test facility and you will receive your quotation within a short time. If you don't have a specification sheet yet or if your specification sheet is still incomplete, we will be happy to tackle this together.

In a discussion we determine your exact requirements and thus complete the specification together. The next step is again the offer, which you will receive quickly from us.

During all further steps, from test runs to the installation of the test system, we are always in dialog with each other. The regular exchange is an essential part of our work for you and an important success factor.

A test equipment manufacturer with over 30 years of experience and a team that has been building test equipment for the most part for 20 years offers you well-rehearsed, efficient processes. For example, our software library contains numerous ready-made and successfully tested modules that we can use in several projects. So you don't always have to program everything from scratch. This saves you money and the entire development process goes faster. Since all the test cells we build as a test equipment manufacturer are user-specific, there are no fixed prices. What we guarantee is that we will calculate your project with a sharp pencil and offer it to you at a fair price.