Test of cables and wires

Referenz WSK Elektronik

Testanlage für Kabel und Leitungen

Endurance test facility for flexural fatigue testing of cables and wires.

The test equipment presented here is a very compact system for testing cables, wires, cable modules, cable harnesses, connection modules (and similar low-impedance test items). These DUTs are subjected to the following tests in continuous operation:

  • Bending stress or
  • torsional stress or
  • drag chain test or
  • further customer specific stress tests

Parallel tests are carried out:

  • Climatic simulation and/or purely thermal tests and
  • Continuous current with resistance monitoring for detection of interruptions and short circuits

Stress tests

The device shown here has two rotating actuator taps in the test space, which can be freely programmed in their sequence of movement. A device specific to the test specimen (shown here in blue) is installed on these taps, on which 10, 20 and more test specimens can be mounted and moved, depending on the configuration.

Because of the interchangeable actuator and DUT modules, a wide variety of stress tests can be performed on a wide variety of DUTs (some examples are given above). The mechanical stress can be both rotational and linear. Actuator frequency as well as speed, force, torque, etc. can be customized to meet customer requirements.

Climatic/thermal tests

The above actuator unit is installed inside a thermal or climate simulation cabinet. The climate simulation (temperature and humidity) can be predefined by our test program with a few commands. Here, any sequences can be freely programmed within the operating parameters of the climate simulation cabinet. These operating parameters depend on the selected climatic chamber. Typical parameters in the automotive sector, for example, are temperatures between -50 °C and 150 °C and a humidity of 0 to 100 %.

Electrical tests and test specimen monitoring

Parallel to the mechanical and climatic stressing of the DUTs, each individual DUT is permanently tested for open circuit and short circuit. This test allows an adjustable continuous test current of up to 2000 mA per channel. Voltage and current are permanently measured at high frequency and monitored for faults.

The measurement data of insulation and contact resistance, current and voltage at the device under test can be monitored in real time and compared with specified tolerances. In the event of a fault such as a short circuit or open circuit, the real-time fault image is stored in a measurement file. In parallel, the measurement data is statistically evaluated and cyclically saved.

The software and electronics used for this purpose come from our company and are easy to operate thanks to a modern user interface. In a few steps a test is assembled and started.

In addition, the experienced operator can individually compose the test sequence himself/herself at a deeper level using a simple programming language. This opens up enormous degrees of freedom. Thus, there are hardly any limits in testing and with regard to the test specimens. If you should need further functionalities, which the test stand does not possess yet, then ask us, we gladly make also customized extensions!