Individual test device from WSK Elektronik

Over 30 years of experience in building customized test equipment

You want to check your products quickly and easily? Then you have come to the right place. In addition to large, complex test stands, we also build smaller, compact test equipment for you. Test the function of products with our customized test equipment - before, during and after production. During the design phase, we pay attention to the simplest operation, an intuitive software interface and reliable quality assurance.

From concept to precise planning to construction and instruction, we take care of the complete service for you. If the performance of standard test equipment is no longer sufficient or if suitable test equipment is not available, we will build your own application-specific test equipment for you.

Development and production of test equipment for your individual needs

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Buy test instrument?

As a manufacturer of test equipment we offer you:

  • Development of individual test equipment
  • Test equipment for inline measurement technology
  • Test equipment for end-of-line measurement
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Please send in the specifications

Based on your specifications, you will receive exactly the test instrument you need for your individual requirements. You do not have a specification sheet yet? We will be happy to support you in drawing up your specifications.

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Get a quick quote

As soon as our tasks for the construction and programming of your testing device are defined, you will receive a fair, individual offer. We are your one-stop shop for development, construction and instruction.

Do you have a complete set of specifications? Then get a quote directly.

Test equipment construction: get a quote

You do not yet have complete specifications? Then arrange a meeting.

Test equipment construction: Arrange a meeting

Whether test equipment for preliminary products, purchased components or for the production process - our experienced specialists plan, develop and manufacture according to the requirements of your industry and for your individual task. Benefit from over 30 years of experience at WSK Elektronik. This enables us to offer you efficient solutions at the highest level.

6 simple steps to the individual tester

Konzept erstellen

Create concept

Here we determine your exact requirements. Your and our experience combined, result in a strong concept for your user-specific test equipment.

Prüfstand planen

Plan tester

Our specialists for electrical engineering, electronics and equipment construction start working - in coordination with you and your teams.

Prüfstand bauen

Build tester

Now we build your test device. In the process, we always test whether the desired benefit is fulfilled. Because your satisfaction is our drive.

Software entwickeln

Develop software

For the software, we can often fall back on proven modules. This makes development more cost-effective. We program the rest.

In Betrieb nehmen

Put into operation

After the exciting first test run on the new tester, numerous tests follow to ensure that you receive a permanently reliable product.


Instruction and acceptance

At the latest at the agreed time, we set up your test equipment at your premises, instruct your employees and answer questions.

Test equipment manufacturer with complete service

Rely on expertise and experience and buy your individual test equipment from a manufacturer that offers you all services conveniently from a single source. Our own well-coordinated teams build application-specific test equipment for every need. Enjoy the best service and comprehensive benefits:

  • Requirements specification: check or create your requirements or functional specification
  • Visualization: documentation and drawings of the test equipment
  • Project planning: efficient planning and design of the manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing: Electronics, electrical engineering and device construction from a single source
  • Test system and test equipment: design and development
  • Software development: compilation and programming of the test equipment
  • Finishing: Perform acceptance tests, calibrate and certify
  • Commissioning: easy to understand instructions and training
  • Maintenance and repair: on own test equipment and on equipment of other manufacturers

On request, you can receive each individual process as a stand-alone service or several services combined with each other. For example, only the development of a test device or the production and commissioning of an already designed test device.

We carry outmaintenance and repairs on test equipment supplied by us as well as on test equipment from other manufacturers. Customers appreciate WSK service personnel for theirpromptness and competence. We keep the times for repairs and services as short as possible. Our services cover all product lines.

Test equipment construction: as individual as your needs

Individual test equipment for your production

Over 30 years of experience in test equipment development and construction

Do you want to ensure that your production runs smoothly? Then check purchased preliminary products and production material with an application-specific testing device. In this way, you prevent production errors before they occur.

Ensure the consistent quality of your products at individual points in the production process. This contributes to reliable product quality and makes your customers happy.

Test specific product characteristics on the finished product with an individual test device. For example, we tested a solar device for self-installation for twist-proof cable sets. Since the cable sets were often supplied incorrectly wired, our customer wanted a testing device with which even laymen could check whether the polarity was correct.

These are just a few examples of what WSK Elektronik can implement for you - always conscientiously, with the highest standards and in close dialog with you and your teams. What can we do for you? Just call +49 9342 - 933 90 or write to

Questions and answers about individual test equipment

WSK Elektronik builds all kinds of individual product testing equipment for quality control of supplied parts, before delivery or before processing. This includes customer specific test equipment or so called small test benches for all production stages like:

  • Reverse polarity tester, cable tester
  • Tester for linear actuators (linear drive)
  • Testers for individual tests of electronics
  • Tester for analog highspeed sensors and actuators
  • Tester for intelligent sensors
  • Testers for stress tests of materials
  • Tensile testing machines

Whether mechanical, chemical, biological, medical, optical, electronic or acoustic test equipment  just ask for a quote.

When building your tester, we pay attention to:

  • Safety in operation
  • Accuracy thanks to high-precision measuring units
  • Reliability and user-friendliness
  • Transparency and budget security

Since at WSK Elektronik every tester has different requirements, the costs are different. Based on your specifications, we will gladly provide you with an individual offer for your customized test instrument. If you do not yet have a (complete) specification sheet, we will simply create it together.

When you buy your compact tester from us, over 30 years of experience in concept, build and software development flows into it. Our highly specialized teams come from a wide variety of industries, bringing a deep understanding of the particular requirements of your industry as well. Our custom functional testers are reliable, flexible, user-friendly, as sustainable as possible, scalable and future-proof.