Individual test systems for your needs

Future-proof, sustainable, user-friendly

WSK Elektronik offers you test systems, which can consist of several test systems and/ or test devices - according to your requirements for quality assurance in industrial production as well as for research and development. We take over single tasks or the complete service for you, which starts with the preparation of the specification sheet, if desired.

Our team works hand in hand, brings experience from numerous industries and has a wide range of expertise . To get to know us better, simply call us at +49 9342 - 933 90 or send us an (e-mail).

Test systems for your test requirements

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You want to buy a testing system?

As a manufacturer of test systems we offer you:

  • Planning and development of individual test systems
  • Test systems for industrial requirements
  • Test systems for research and development
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Please send specifications

Simply send us your specifications and get a quote. If you do not yet have a specification sheet, we will be happy to help you prepare one. 
You can also obtain all the services in our range individually. Also for test systems of other manufacturers.

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Get a quick quote

Our tasks for building and programming your test system are clearly described? Then you will receive a transparent, fair offer shortly. 
With us, you get all services conveniently from a single source.

Do you have a complete set of specifications? Then get a quote directly.

Buy an inspection system: Get a quote

You do not have a complete specification sheet yet? Then please arrange a meeting.

Planning an inspection system: Arrange a meeting

From us you get concept and planning for your test system, as well as the entire electronics and software. The components of your test system exchange data with each other, create protocols and overall evaluations.

We build, test and assemble your test system consisting of test systems and/or test devices - always in close consultation with you. In this way, you receive exactly the testing system for your specific requirements and with all the necessary components.

6 simple steps to the application-specific test system

Konzept erstellen

Create concept

Your experience and ours combined form the foundation for cooperation. Let's start with the concept for your individual testing system!

Prüfstand planen

Plan inspection system

In close coordination with your team, our specialists perform their tasks in electrical engineering, electronics, programming and device construction.

Prüfstand bauen

Build test system

The construction of your test system begins  accompanied by meaningful test and in consultation with you. The well-rehearsed team works efficiently and motivated.

Software entwickeln

Testing system software

When it comes to software, we use tried-and-tested modules wherever possible. This saves development costs. We reprogram according to specific needs.

In Betrieb nehmen


The test runs were successful. Your test system is ready for use and is only waiting to be installed and commissioned at your site.

Einweisung und Abnahme

Test system briefing

On time as agreed, we assemble your test system at the desired location, brief your team and answer questions.

Testing system manufacturer with experience and know-how

When building user-specific test systems, there are a number of important factors that a responsible manufacturer should pay attention to. Here are some of the most important considerations:

  • Clear requirements: The requirements of the test system must be clearly defined and understood before we begin construction. The test system must meet your specific needs and satisfy all requirements.
  • Robust hardware: our test systems are built on robust and reliable hardware. This is how we ensure precise measurement results and a long runtime.
  • Software: The software of your test system will be tailored to your specific requirements. Your test system will be flexible and adaptable. This allows for possible changes and extensions over time.
  • Validation and calibration: Before commissioning, your test system will be validated and calibrated. This ensures that it functions correctly and delivers accurate results.
  • Maintenance and support: You should have your testing system serviced regularly to ensure that it remains in perfect condition. As the manufacturer, we offer you reliable support. In case of problems, you will receive a quick, professional solution.
  • Safety: We naturally take safety into account when handling your test system. Especially if the test cell works with hazardous materials or high voltages.
  • Costs: Your test system should of course be within your budget. But this should not be at the expense of quality or functionality of the test system. We advise you transparently, openly and honestly.

As you can see, the construction of user-specific test systems requires careful planning to ensure that all requirements are met and that the test system works accurately and reliably for you.

Testing system construction: as individual as your needs