Robotergestützte Prüfanlage

Robot assisted test facility

Robots in automated test systems increase productivity and precision

As an experienced testing technology provider with over 30 years of experience, we know how important precise and reliable testing is for your quality standards. The use of robots in testing technology is becoming increasingly important for complex tests and more productivity. Let's take a look at the future of testing technology and discover what opportunities are available through the use of robots.

Our team offers you extensive experience and expertise - including the use of inspection robots. For an initial consultation, simply call: +49 9342 - 933 90. Or write an (e-mail).

Robots for your test facility

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Robot assisted testing system?

As a manufacturer of testing equipment we offer you:

  • Planning and development of robotic, automated testing systems
  • Robots for industrial requirements and demanding environments
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If you do not yet have a specification sheet, we will be happy to assist you with the conception and preparation of your specification sheet.

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6 simple steps to a robotic testing system

Konzept erstellen

Create concept

Your and our experience combined, form the foundation for the cooperation. Let's start with the concept for your individual cobot!

Prüfstand planen

Plan plant

In close coordination with your team, our specialists perform their tasks in electrical engineering, electronics, programming and device construction.

Prüfstand bauen

Build plant

The construction of your test facility begins - accompanied by meaningful tests and in consultation with you. The well-coordinated team works efficiently and with motivation.

Software entwickeln


When it comes to software, we often fall back on tried-and-tested modules. This saves development costs. We reprogram according to specific needs.

In Betrieb nehmen


The test runs were successful. Your robot-assisted system is ready for use and is only waiting to be commissioned at your site.

Einweisung und Abnahme


On time, we commission your robot-assisted system at the desired location, instruct your team and answer questions.

Advantages of testing robots

  • Precision: Testing robots perform tests and inspections faster and more precisely than human inspectors.
  • Consistency: Testing robots work accurately and reproducibly. Thus, they support the delivery of accurate test results.
  • Efficiency: Robots can move test specimens quickly, shorten setup times, and bring measuring devices close to test specimens.
  • Safety: Inspection robots can be used in hazardous or hard-to-reach environments to ensure human safety.
  • Health: Testing robots perform stressful, repetitive motions.

Examples of applications for test robots and cobots

Robots and cobots in testing technology increase productivity, increase precision and reduce costs. Robots perform their movements quickly and efficiently. In contrast, slower-working cobots focus on safety when working with humans.

Cobots can help improve the safety of human inspectors by performing dangerous or difficult inspections. Cobots represent effective collaboration and combine the advantages of human and machine intelligence.

This is how your robotic testing system is created

Several pieces of information are needed to build your custom robotic testing system. Below are some important aspects for a concept with testing robot:

In order to optimally adapt your robot or cobot to the testing process, the requirements for the process must be discussed in detail. In the process, we clarify what type of tests are to be performed, what test criteria exist and what test conditions prevail.

In order to optimally adapt your robot or cobot to the test specimen, information should be available on its size, shape, weight and material properties. Any special features such as sensitive surfaces or complex geometries are also taken into account.

Information about the environment of the test facility in which the robot or cobot is to be used is also important. For example, the room size, ambient temperature, humidity and the presence of dust, dirt or other influences should be determined.

Depending on the test process, different requirements can be placed on your robot or cobot. Here, it should be clarified which movements are to be executed, which gripping tools are required and which sensors are available.

Since a cobot in automated testing technology is used in close proximity to humans, safety is a key issue. Information about the necessary safety measures and precautions should therefore be included from the very beginning.

We determine this information during consultation meetings with you. In close cooperation, the requirements for your robotic testing system can be determined and implemented in a suitable concept. Just give us a call or write to us!