Gas analysis and exhaust gas simulation

Referenz WSK Elektronik


Test and measurement technology for the analysis of gases and liquids

WSK has been active in the field of exhaust gas measurement technology and exhaust gas simulation for decades. We develop and manufacture test technology for testing gas-sensitive sensors such as lambda sensors, environmental sensors, Nox sensors and others.

The testing technology is based on gas analysis and gas simulation. When testing lambda sensors, for example, high-precision control valves (MFC) mix different bottled gases to form a synthetic gas.

Based on its composition, this gas can simulate the exhaust gas of different load conditions of an internal combustion engine. Due to the exact reproducibility of the gas mixture, this method is suitable for determining the function and characteristic values of the test specimens. Both static and dynamic conditions can be simulated.

In some cases, very complex devices and procedures are required. Also the safety engineering is not neglected with the partly poisonous or also explosive gases.

At WSK Elektronik, the know-how, consisting of process engineering, gas and liquids technology, measurement technology, electronics, construction and software is combined and results in a 100% customer-specific result. Just ask for an offer!