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Our products are complete solutions from one source - from their design and development to their production and their final inspection. Our specific goal is to always provide the best service. Our processes for you:

  • development of concepts designed to meet your criteria (user requirement specification / functional specification / request for proposal)
  • design and development of the equipment / device / system
  • software development
  • project planning of the complete processes
  • all manufacturing processes: electronic system, electrical engineering, machine construction
  • product documentation and drawings
  • inspections, calibration and certification

If requested, individual processes can also be provided as specific services. For instance, we can limit our services to the further development or production of a device that has already been developed by the customer. All individual services can be combined with one another.

We maintain and repair both our own and third-party systems and equipment. Our customers appreciate the rapidity and the experience and expertise evident in the work of our wsk service staff.

We understand the importance of keeping processing times for repairs and services as short as possible.

Our services are available in all of our product categories. Are you looking for a service partner capable of servicing your equipment? Contact us.


Hardware and software development and printed circuit board layout

We provide the development of the electronic design as a full service. All software solutions are programmed individually at wsk.

The technologies used include:

  • It is possible, for example, to use components and small devices on a printed circuit board/microcontroller which we custom develop to suit your needs best.
  • For particularly time-critical applications, we use FPGA assembliesand/or realtime programming.
  • The user interface used for less time-critical applications and archiving measured data is provided by classic PC systems (e.g. industrial multiprocessor PCs managing large amounts of data).


We design the equipment you require including the production schedules, documentations and everything else that is needed based on 3D CAD systems.

We are capable of using the 3D model we create to perform various different simulations to identify possibly critical issues beforehand.

  • thermal simulation
  • thermodynamics
  • materials
  • dynamics and others

Project planning

We coordinate your entire project including user requirement / functional specification, planning, development, design, plan development, documentation, production (electronic system, electrical engineering, and machine construction). The entire controlling happens on our end and is customized to fit the individual processes required by our customers.


The components we make (electrical and electronic system and machine construction) meet the highest quality standards, as we take the quality required for our equipment for granted. Our production follows our own developments / designs, but can also be based on your specifications.

We look forward to hearing from you

Are you looking for a service partner capable of servicing your equipment?

Contact us


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