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Endurance climate simulation test cabinet for flexural / bend stress tests on cables and wires.


The presented test equipment is a compact system for the testing of cables, wires, cable modules, wiring harness, connection modules (and similar low-resistance test items). In a continuous operation, these test items are tested as listed below:

  • flexural bend stress, or
  • torsional stress, or
  • drag chain test, or
  • additional, customer-specific, stress tests possible

Performed simultaneously:

  • climate simulation and / or entirely thermal tests
  • permanent energization with resistance surveillance for the detection of disconnections and short circuits.

Stress tests:


Because of the exchangeable actuator- and test item-modules, various stress tests can be performed on many different test items (some of them are listed above). The mechanical stress can be rotative as well as linear. The actuator rate, speed, force, torque, etc. can be performed individually for the customers requirement.

The here presented equipment for example has two rotating actuator shafts in the test chamber, which are freely programmable in their movement sequence. At this shaft there‘s a test item specific device installed (here shown in blue color) on which, depending on the expansion, ten, 20 or more test items can be installed and moved.

Climate simulation and thermal tests:

The actuation unit, mentioned above, is installed inside a thermal- or rather inside a climate simulation chamber. The climate simulation (temperature and humidity) can be specified with a few commands due to our test program. Within the operating parameters of the climate simulation chamber, any desired operations can be programed. The operation parameters depend on the chosen climate simulation chamber. Typical parameters in the automotive industry are for example temperatures between -50° to 150° Celsius and a humidity from 0 to 100%.

Electrical tests and monitoring of the test items:

Simultaneously to the mechanical and the climatic stress every test item is permanently checked for disconnections and short circuits. This test allows an adjustable permanent current up to 2000mA per channel. Voltage and current are permanently measured high frequently and monitored for errors. The measurement data insulating resistance and dut- resistance, current and voltage on the test item, can be monitored in real time and be compared to the tolerances. If an error occurs (short circuit, disconnection, etc.) the real time error pattern is saved into the measurement file in parallel the measurement data is statistically analyzed and saved cyclically.

The therefore used software and equipment comes from our company and is, due to a modern user interface, easy to use. In just a few steps a test sequence is compiled and started. Furthermore, an expert operator can individually compile the test sequence due to an easy programming language. This opens great levels of freedom. So, there is hardly any limit for the test and the test items itself. If you require more functionalities in addition, which the test stand doesn‘t supply yet, just talk to us about your request, we perform customer-specific extensions with pleasure.

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