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Highly accurate test bench for measuring rotation angle / (torque) sensors.

Test Object: 

In modern cars, the hydraulic power steering unit is replaced by an electric drive. This drive unit consists of a controlled loop with torque sensor on the steering wheel, ECU and actuator. At the steering process the torque sensor notes that increased force is applied to the steering wheel and assists the steering by an actuator. In practice, the torque sensor consists of a torsion shaft with a sensitive rotation sensor that measures very small angle. These rotation angle sensors are measured and calibrated at a test facility, developed and produced by our company.

Test Bench:

The test bench, developed by us, consists of up to 4 high-precision drive units, the drive control, measurement technology with PC system and software and a climate simulation chamber. The system measures up to 4 sensors parallel according to their specifications (and curves over the entire temperature range) and performs the calibration.
Because the resolution of the test piece is very high (the rotation on the torsion bar is very small), the angle must be measured very accurately. The built-in angle measuring device (two per axis) records the rotation angle with a resolution of 0.0005°, that means 0.5 thousandths of a degree angle, the equivalent to 1.8 arc seconds, or 720 000 positions per revolution! This resolution is a fully 360°x n available. These angle-measuring devices are synchronously recorded with the DUT.
The test samples are fitted on the test axis (in the climatic chamber), with a quick-action chuck and automatically positioned for the test, with a 2/3D laser unit. The drives themselves are located outside the climate chamber and are thus independent of the test temperature. The test software controls the climate simulation and simultaneously the DUT's are measured at the relevant nominal temperatures. The software, with its intuitive user interface (on a 24/7 IPC system), controls and manages the complete test process and collects and organizes test data. The data are organized in databases on the test computer and can be organized and analyzed by authorized users over the network.


This test facility is a classic example of one of our customized solutions. The client primordially came to us, with his test object and the relevant parameters. Based on these specifications we designed the concept, and finally designed and developed the facility. The superstructure consists of available components (purchased parts, such as climate simulation chamber, rack's, drive controllers, measuring equipment), as well as several specially designed modules. The central drive, with all sensors and angle measurement devices and actuators was designed and manufactured by us, even the motor itself is a custom product. We developed even specific parts of the central electronics and software for this purpose. The complete system has been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers.

Here we see very distinct, even facilities in low edition (1-10 units) and with high accuracy, can be developed and produced in a very short time and for a economical price, when you work together with the right partner.

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