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wsk's new high-speed ratio pyrometer (= infrared thermometer) with fibreglass sensor now provides you with an optimized welding/shrinking process.

The device was designed to perform a temperature-controlled/temperature-regulated welding and shrinking process. While this latest innovation by wsk is currently equipped with four measuring channels, it can be fitted with any number of channels thanks to its modular design. The rated measuring temperature of the device is 700°C ... 1,300°C.

The device measures the peak temperature of the process and transmits a stop signal to the welding controller once the target temperature has been reached. This response is given in milliseconds. The quality of the process is optimized as welding / shrinking is temperature-controlled.

The system is also capable of monitoring temperature limits to classify a manufactured part as NOK if the temperature fails to reach the desired level. Process monitoring can further be optimized by measuring the electric welding work / output.

Since the measurements are taken by means of a fibre optics conductor, measuring is also possible where space is limited or difficult to access. Each measuring channel of the device can be fitted with a compact fibre optic sensor (fibre optic light conductor) (standard length 3 m; other lengths available on request). The rugged design of the optics and the light conductor also make them suitable for rougher environments. A positioning laser allows you to align the optics perfectly with the welding/shrinking position.

The temperature measuring principle applied by multicolour or ratio pyrometers provides an optimized measuring procedure: infrared temperature measuring. The temperature is determined at two wavelengths (standard IR thermometers only measure at one wavelength = light colour). Thanks to these measuring methods, measurements can be taken almost completely independent of the material as well as the size of and the distance to the measuring spot. This makes the measuring process easier and less problematic to the user when compared to using standard IR pyrometers (e.g. contamination or fibreglass breakage are common problems when using standard equipment).

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