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We are a company specialized in the construction of customized systems and devices used in measurement and test engineering.

Designing, developing and manufacturing products to customer specifications and requirements at the highest level is our daily business. Whether you need components or a complex complete solution - wsk elektronik offers you the best service and excellent quality.

Our devices are mainly used in:

  • research
  • development
  • quality assurance
  • and production

Our customers / industries

  • Automotive
  • medical
  • semiconductors
  • consumer products
  • independent research


All products made by wsk are special solutions made to customer specifications. They are made up of standardized components as well as customized developments designed to work together and complete the specified task. We are concerned with the following activities:

  • the project planning
  • design
  • development
  • and production of all components

Test engineering

Test engineering includes all technologies used to test and assure the quality of products:

  • Measuring, control and regulating technology
  • process engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering


Endurance climate simulation test cabinet for flexural / bend stress tests on cables and wires.

wsk's new high-speed ratio pyrometer with fibreglass sensor now provides you with an optimized welding/shrinking process.

High speed online measurement in endurance test for intelligent sensors.

Highly accurate test bench for measuring rotation angle / (torque) sensors.

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